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Quality Work at Competitive Prices

Your local masonry contractor servicing Santa Clarita for over 25 years!


At Stonecraft Masonry, all work will be completed in a substantial workmanlike manner according to standard practices.  We work very closely with our concrete producer and material suppliers to provide you with the highest quality project.  We take great pride in our work and will do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer.  However, all of our work is created by humans and even under the closest supervision possible, small imperfections can and will be expected.  Despite the skills of our workmanship, the quality of our materials and the strength and durability of our work, our end product is not without its inherent flaws. 
The information that follows provides some of the common issues that you can expect when working with masonry and concrete and provides suggestions on customer care and usage.  If we are presented with an issue that exceeds the regular industry standard, we may repair or replace, as determined at the sole discretion of Stonecraft Masonry.   

Notice is given that all repairs are promised to return the subject to it's as built integrity - not to its as-built appearance.  No warranty is expressed/implied regarding the cosmetics of the repair.  The subject's appearance will be considered secondary to its long term functionality and durability.

Masonry and concrete can be damaged by many factors beyond Stonecraft Masonry's control.  Damage from wear and tear, de-icers, chemicals, equipment, vehicles and other things are out of Stonecraft Masonry's control and are not covered by this Limited Workmanship Warranty.  Stonecraft Masonry is not liable for repair conditions caused by misuse or abuse, ground settlement, winter conditions, accidents or acts of God.

This warranty does not apply to, and is waived by the homeowner as to, any construction work that has been subjected to an accident, misuse and/or abuse, nor does it apply to any construction work that has been modified, altered, defaced, and/or had repairs made/attempted by the homeowner or others.

This Limited Workmanship Warranty expires one year from the date of completion of the project.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.
Stonecraft Masonry 

CRACKS - The industry standard for repair or replacement for cracked concrete is greater than 1/2" of an inch displacement either in height or gap.  Cracks that exceed 1/2" of an inch in height or gap may warrant repair or replacement.  If we determine that repair or replacement is required, we will replace or repair only the affected area.  Repair of concrete cracks with caulk or mortar will be considered an acceptable form of repair.  PLEASE NOTE:  Surface or hairline cracks may not be covered.  Top coats and caps over existing concrete are NOT covered.  Driveways, patios, and sidewalks should have expansion and contraction joints. These joints help guide the natural cracks that will develop. Occasionally cracks will exit or form outside of control joint locations. Random cracking is to be expected.

FLAKING or POPPING:  While concrete is very durable, it is not always without flaws.  Harsh weather may cause the surface of your concrete to flake or pop off.  It is possible that a stone or stone(s) close to the surface will be exposed but such exposure WILL NOT compromise the integrity of the slab.  We are unable to warranty any damages caused by harsh weather as mother nature always has the upper hand on us.  The industry standard for repair or replacement for flaking or popping concrete is a minimum of 20% of the total work area being affected.  Depending on the issue, we may warranty flaking or popping concrete if 20% or more of the total work area is affected.  If repair or replacement is required, we will repair or replace only the affected area.  

DISCOLORATION:  It is NOT possible to match the color of your existing porch, sidewalk, driveway, etc.  Sometimes different pours on larger jobs are subject to variation in color.  Color variations are minor and may fade within time.  If you are considering replacing only a section or sections of an existing driveway, patio or sidewalk, please be aware that a color difference is very likely (newly poured section vs. older section).  It may be very noticeable and may take years to blend together.  Gray Concrete can make no warranty that our work will match your existing product.

Colors represented on a computer screen or a printed brochure are just a representation of results and should not be relied upon for the final color of your project.  Despite our best efforts, minor discoloration can still occur.  There are a variety of different factors (such as: variations in slump, cement type/brand, finished texture, timing of operations, the curing process, choice of release agents, surface treatments, humidity and other weather conditions, age of concrete, etc.) that can and may produce distinct variations in color appearance.  Color variation is not covered by this warranty.

PUDDLING:  Low spots in concrete in which water pockets appear that is not caused by conditions stated in this background.  No measurable water depth exceeding ½ inch is acceptable on concrete for more than 24 hours after rain has stopped.  This standard does not apply to stamped or decorative surfaces.  We will correct to meet the standard as needed, per Stonecraft Masonry's discretion, by repairing or replacing affected area.  Color and texture are variations are to be expected.

SHIFTING and SETTLING:  It is common for driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios and garage floors to have some cracking or shifting over time.  This is not necessarily a sign of poor workmanship.  There is no way for us to prevent sub-grade settling, underground root growth or shrinkage of the subsurface layers.  We CANNOT warranty against settling because the sub-grade level is beyond our control.

FINISHES:  Interior surfaces are generally finished smooth (basement floor, garage, sometimes porches and patios).  A smooth finish allows for easy maintenance.  Please be aware that smooth finishes are VERY slippery when wet.  Exterior concrete such as walks and driveways are broom finished.  A broom finish is less slippery and designed to be walked upon even when wet.  Stamped surfaces and stained surfaces are sealed to help maintain the beautiful characteristics of the color and design.  The sealer used will cause a slippery surface when wet.  Please view the information provided below regarding the use and importance of sealers.  Additionally, surfaces which are stamped or stained will require maintenance; how frequently is out of our control.

STAINS:  Concrete will stain.  The homeowner  should take precautions to prevent petroleum-based products, solvents, and paint from coming in contact with exterior concrete surfaces. By keeping stain remover on hand, many stains can be made less visible if treated immediately. (It should be noted, however, that these products may also weaken the surface of concrete.)  Concrete is a porous, natural product that absorbs such substances as petroleum-based products, solvents, and paints. When a liquid enters concrete, it can seep from top to bottom or bottom to top (a stain may appear from underneath the surface, even if nothing was spilled upon the top surface of the concrete). It should also be expected that mud from the construction site could get into the porous surface of concrete. This is beyond the control of the builder and falls within the parameters of this standard.


THE DO NOT'S:  1) Do not drive on "new" concrete for at least 7 days.  2) Do not allow water to drain beneath the slab as this may cause settlement cracks.  3) Do not use salt or other de-icing chemicals on the concrete (This is especially harmful during the first winter).  If at all possible, hose off your car of any street salt before parking on concrete. 4) Do not allow your dog's urine (on your decorative concrete) to cycle through the numerous freeze-thaw cycles during the winter.  Dog urine is extreme acidic and can cause damage to your decorative concrete.  We recommend cleaning it as soon as you witness it.


It is important to note that we do not warranty sealer related failures.  Surface maintenance is out of our control as heavy traffic, heavy use and severe weather may and can negatively influence the performance of the sealer.  The care and maintenance of decorative concrete is the homeowner's sole responsibility. The frequency with which you should reseal your concrete will depend on the area’s exposure to cars, foot traffic, and any chemicals the decorative concrete is exposed to such as chlorine, salt water, stabilizer and the like.  We highly recommend that stamped concrete projects be kept clean and resealed every other year or as needed.  The longer you wait, the more likely you may notice the surface color fade slightly.  Keeping a fresh coat of sealer will protect and keep the color as vibrant as the day it was installed.  However, keep in mind, too much sealer can cause a host of other problems, the most common is whitening.



To determine if you need to reseal you concrete, sprinkle water on the concrete surface.  If the water is absorbed and makes the surface noticeably darker, the sealer has worn off and resealing the project will restore its original beauty.  If the water is not absorbed and beads on the surface, the concrete should still be protected and likely does not require additional resealing.

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